Google Docs - Friday, Nov 20th 2009 12:30p-1:30p ZH 101

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 04  Google Doc.'s distorts my word documents. How to transfer back and forth and share?  
 08  Can we see an example of how to use excel form with an email list to gather responses? What security should we be concerned about when using google apps? When one invites 10 people, can only those 10 people see it? What about searches - will a 'hit' indicate to others that the document exists? Is Google-MyWebpage (or whatever it is called) a safe place to put things? Will it replace the locations we have on shared drives or servers?  
 09  I too am concerned about Google docs not maintaining proper formatting. Is there a way to work around that problem?  
 13  What are multiple ways Google Docs can be used to simplify our work?  
 14  how can i share this with my students ?  
 17  What are the compatibility/conversion problems between Google Docs and MS Office Apps?  
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